Carbide Tools 101

A round carbide cutter.

With Carbide tipped tools taking the woodturning industry by storm, we’re often asked to explain the differences between Nano-Carbide and … Read more

Pens and Platings

Three turned sketch pencils laying on a leather notebook.

Choosing the Right Pen Since 1987 when we first introduced pen kits to woodturners in the U.S.A., Craft Supplies USA … Read more

Using Inlace Material

A turned bowl with a band of Inlace turquoise.

Inlace is an easy to use inlay material for woodturning that will add stunning effects on your woodturning projects by filling … Read more

Woodturning Chucks

A Vimarc chuck mounted on a lathe.

Buying the right chuck can seem confusing at first. However, because all chucks perform the same function and operate in … Read more