Tour the Workshop

The Dale L. Nish School of Woodturning facility at Craft Supplies USA is the finest of its kind in the world. Top quality tools and equipment, state of the art video display, and a fully equipped workstation for every student makes this workshop second to none. We continue to make improvements in our facility and program in order to make your workshop experience one that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

  • Large, dedicated space means room enough for all to work comfortably.
  • State-of-the-art demonstration area with 2 cameras, each with a dedicated 50″ monitor, to ensure you don’t miss anything during instructor demonstrations.
  • Workstations are well lit, each with a work lamp and bright overhead lighting.
  • Fully furnished tool panels at each workstation include all the basics you’ll need, or feel free to bring your own tools!
  • Enjoy a spacious break room with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, and lockers. Dedicated to workshop participants.
  • Our workshop is located in beautiful Provo, Utah, just 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City.
An overhead shot of the woodturning workshop.
1,800 square feet of dedicated workshop space
The instructor lathe with cameras and televisions.
2 cameras, each with a dedicated 50″ monitor
The instructors lathe.
Multi-camera demonstration area
A row of student lathes and workstations.
Exceptional workstation lighting
A dust collection hood at a student lathe.
Black Hole Dust Collector at every station
A bench grinder and sharpening jigs.
Featuring Powermatic Lathes and JET grinders with CBN wheels
A tailstock swing away on a Powermatic lathe.
A Tailstock Swing Away on every Powermatic Lathe
 A workstation tool panel filled with tools.
Featuring Henry Taylor Tools and Robust Tool Rests
A break room with table and chairs.
Dedicated break room
A small kitchen area.
Refrigerator, microwave, and coffee machine