10 thoughts on “Turning a Baby Rattle”

  1. The basic lengths would have helped. The handle and rattle holder lengths are not mentioned.
    Otherwise very nice description

  2. This is a great video, well done and very complete. You make it look so easy and encourage all of us to try new things with each video you publish. Keep up the good content.

  3. Mike,
    Great project. I love watching the different projects you’ve done. Haven’t turned for a while looking
    to get back to turning. This looks like a very fun project.

    • Mike.
      The video is very nice and as always you make it look VERY easy but alas it’s not quite that easy.
      I have turned 8 rattles for family and friends. It is one gift the family gets to be a heirloom. They are fun to turn and are a very well received gift. The bead cutter will be on my wish lis
      Keep on turnin


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