13 thoughts on “Turning a Wine Glass”

  1. What is the brand of the silicone adhesive?
    Where can I buy the glasses? Do they make them for both red and white wines?
    Great demo!

    • The silicone is Red Devil.
      We’ve included links to the glasses, as well as other items used in the video, in the article just below the video.

  2. Quick note/question, I noticed in your video you said not to use Scratch Free under lacquer. I turn boxes out of many different types of exotic wood and use Scratch Free, then spray the lacquer over and have never had a problem. In fact find the lacquer won’t take right on the wood without the Scratch Free! I only have to spray one coat and the finish is smooth and glossy. My woodturning club would like to know how this combo might work even thou it is not recommended! I do have some older work (2 years old) and the finish still looks great!

    Just wanted to comment and say it works well for me and maybe someone could tell me how this might be working.

    To give you a suggestion on a video I would like to maybe see some multi-axis woodturning if possible!


  3. Wow, you’ve just saved me!!! Now I know what to make my wife for her birthday coming up. She’s a wine drinking and I know she’ll love the handmade aspect of these glasses.

  4. is anything done to the stem of the glass to ensure that the adhesive makes a good bond??

    How did you remove the base of the glass prior to assembly to the turned base??

    • We’ve found it isn’t necessary to prep the stem before gluing.
      If you have a glass you want to remove the base we recommend a Dremel-type tool with a diamond cutter.


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