Turning a Utility Box

Mike Nish turns a utility box from start to finish on a wood lathe. You’ll learn: why the grain orientation matters; how to hold the blanks on your lathe; which turning tools to use and why; and Mike’s sanding and finishing techniques.

A well-turned utility box makes an attractive, useful addition to most anywhere in your home. It can be used to store various items, including jewelry, spare change, keys and more. It’s perfect in the kitchen for spices or salt you want to keep close at hand. The Utility Box is a fun to turn project that you can make as simple or ornate as you like. Either way, it will enhance your home and provide personal satisfaction every time you use it.

9 thoughts on “Turning a Utility Box”

  1. Mike, I’m teaching my grand daughter how to turn. I give her a homework assignment every week to watch a couple videos which she hasn’t had since graduating from college. I look forward to viewing you videos as it helps me develop better skills.

  2. OMG. Way too good. It’s hard to believe that this high-quality video shows up in my mailbox. I remain a loyal paying customer.


  3. Fantastic presentation. Each video gets better and better. My skills have improved from watching how you turn and your tool control. Keep making these videos and showing how simple things can be made beaytifully.

  4. Thank you Mike, I’m inspired! I’m going to save this video for future reference because I really like this project and see it as a great gift idea.

    BTW, I notice you used a fairly open weave cloth to apply your scratch free. What did you use? It’ doesn’t look like it’s from a box of “shop rags” or old T shirt. Please reply when you have a minute. Take care and be safe.

    Plano, TX


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