3 thoughts on “Turning a Coin Box”

  1. Perhaps a safety issue?
    The revolving center on tail stock was in place during the first part of the video and Mikes’s elbow went around it over and over. Glad he never touched it with his elbow. I have not being so lucky, so I remove it religiously.
    I did like the Video, actually I like all the videos. Thanks!

  2. I have watched a number of Mike Nish’s videos and have enjoyed all of them. I am a “turner” been to Provo for classes and enjoyed them. What I like about Mike’s videos over other turners on You-tube is that he seems to show more tool work and seems, to me, to explain what he’s doing.
    I look forward to seeing more in the future. Another thing is I like that he is turning “utility” pieces, not decorative “art”.

  3. Thinking of getting into turning. Was concerned with not having a mentor to give advice.

    Mike Nish was wonderful, with lots of comments and working examples.
    Many thanks for an excellant demostration, Mr. Nish.

    I am off to start turning.


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