Woodturning 201 – Video 3 – Turning a Box with a Lid Inlay

Turn a tower-shaped wooden box with a unique wood inlay in the lid.

Take your box turning to the next level with this tutorial from our Woodturning 201 workshop by resident turner Kirk DeHeer. He explains in detail what woods to choose for the box and inlay, including techniques for matching grain and getting a tight fit. Then he gives step-by-step instruction to create a unique wood box with a disc inlay in the lid, including tips on design and finishing.

In our Woodturning 201 Workshop Video Series, you can see and enjoy every demonstration just as it takes place during the workshop.

5 thoughts on “Woodturning 201 – Video 3 – Turning a Box with a Lid Inlay”

  1. Hi Kirk, thank you for the 201-video 3 – turning a box with a lid inlay. Good Job Man! You did a great job on teaching me how to choose the right tool and how to use it correctly.


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