Woodturning 201 – Video 2 – Mastering the Skew (Turning a Wood Mallet)

Kirk DeHeer, resident turner at the Dale L Nish School of Woodturning, teaches the skew chisel. From basic fundamentals to advanced skills, you’ll learn why the skew is an essential tool in all woodturner’s workshops. He teaches the techniques he’s spent a lifetime mastering while turning a project that’ll get used in your shop everyday – a wooden mallet.

In our Woodturning 201 Workshop Video Series, you can see and enjoy every demonstration just as it takes place during the workshop.

8 thoughts on “Woodturning 201 – Video 2 – Mastering the Skew (Turning a Wood Mallet)”

  1. Great looking mallet! Kirt makes it look so EZ, my Dad was a wood worker and then a machinist most of his live. When he sold his shop, he returned to woodwork,
    up until he passed at 95. I received a lot of his woodwork tools, and he taught me most of my live his trade.
    I have my own wood lath and enjoy doing a lot of projects, and will definitely make a mallet! I bought one a long time ago but will never have to agin!

  2. Thank you, Kirk, I learned that I was using my roughing gouge incorrectly. I also learned why my skew or other tool would skate—because of not riding the bevel. I haven’t turned anything in 3 years and this was very helpful. I appreciate the demonstration and look forward to more. Perhaps a little more on the spindle gouge and its best uses.

    Thank you,



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