Woodturning 101 – Video 6 – Turning a Bowl

In this video, Master Woodturner Kirk DeHeer demonstrates the process of turning a bowl beginning with a dry bowl blank.

This video breaks down the turning and finishing process so that it’s easy to understand. Throughout the video, emphasis is placed on how to make efficient cuts that produce great results. In addition, proper tool use, chucking the bowl while turning and recommended methods of sanding and finishing are thoroughly covered. As always, proper sharpening techniques are covered as well as sharp, properly ground tools are one of the keys to success in all woodturning.

By learning the fundamentals of bowl turning, you too can create beautiful, functional bowls that you can enjoy every day! Like our Woodturning 101 students, we’re sure you’ll find this video to be enjoyable and informative.

5 thoughts on “Woodturning 101 – Video 6 – Turning a Bowl”

    • We’re glad you enjoyed it! No, we don’t have plans to offer it on DVD. It’ll remain free to stream here on our blog and on our YouTube channel.

  1. It’s the little things that you point out during each demonstration that makes such a BIG difference. I find myself watching several times and each time I view one of your demonstrations I notice another “little” gem that helps me improve and enjoy my time on the lathe more and more. Thanks Kirk!


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