Woodturning 101 – Video 5 – Rough & Seal a Green Wood Bowl

In this video, Master Woodturner Kirk DeHeer takes you step-by-step through the process of roughing a bowl using locally sourced unseasoned wood, sealing the bowl, and allowing it to dry prior to final turning and finishing.  This process is easy to understand and follow and is used by nearly all production woodturners for good reason as you’ll find out.

Using local woods is good for the environment as it keeps trees out of landfills.  Making bowls using found wood can be very profitable as it’s inexpensive and can be sourced reliably.  

Whether you aspire to be a production woodturner or just want to explore the world of making the most of fallen trees in your neighborhood, you’ll find this video to be helpful and informative.

Tree Saver Woodsealer

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