Woodturning 101 – Video 1 – Bead & Cove Stick

Master the Basics with the first video in our Woodturning 101 Series

The bead and cove stick is a practice project that helps students learn proper cutting and tool techniques that apply to all aspects of woodturning. Though it appears to be simple in nature, it is an incredibly effective training tool that stands to help woodturners of all skill levels become better with their tool technique and cutting efficiency.

Every year aspiring woodturners attend our Woodturning 101 Workshop to learn the fundamentals that they need to be successful and have fun woodturning at home.

In our Woodturning 101 Workshop Video Series, you can see and enjoy every demonstration just as it takes place during the workshop. In all, there are 8 project demonstrations and one sharpening demo. Here on our Blog, you can see them all for free.

Stay tuned as we roll our Woodturning 101 Workshop project demonstration videos during the coming weeks. It’s the next best thing to being here at Craft Supplies USA.

11 thoughts on “Woodturning 101 – Video 1 – Bead & Cove Stick”

  1. I turned for many years. But for one reason or another, I got away from it. I just got back into turning, and this has been a great refresher course. I am glad I found this. Thank you for making this.

  2. As a new woodturner, I am especially thankful to Kirk and Craft Supplies USA for producing these top notch lessons and sharing them with the world. They contain just the right amount of in-depth detail to get me started (and stay safe) in woodturning. Truly impressive.

    You have just gained another customer!

  3. Watched the first few of these today and it inspired me to go out and really focus on fundamentals (ABCs, etc). Ended up making a bowl rather than the cove and bead stick, but just by really focusing on fundamentals, I got the smoothest finish I’ve ever achieved off of my bowl gouge. I was tempted not to sand the bowl at all because the surface was so smooth. I’ve never done that before. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that applying the fundamentals really pays off.

  4. Thank you for showing these videos, the yare great, and Kirk is an excellent teacher.

    I am NOT a new turner, but need to learn the right way of doing things.

  5. Kirk, a truly outstanding video. ( I took a day class with you as a member of the GoldCountryWood Turners in Grass Valley, CA a few years ago.) I consider myself an intermediate turner but I have to say, I learned, ( and re-learned ) a lot from this video. You are really an exceptional teacher. Looking forward to watching all your future videos. ( they should be a prerequisite for all new turners). I guess you can tell that I was really impressed.
    Thanks so much.


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