Woodturning 101 – Introduction

Meet your instructor – Kirk DeHeer

Every year aspiring woodturners attend our Woodturning 101 Workshop to learn the fundamentals that they need to be successful and have fun woodturning at home.

In our Woodturning 101 Workshop Video Series, you can see and enjoy every demonstration just as it takes place during the workshop.

In all, there are 8 project demonstrations and one sharpening demo. Here on our Blog, you can see them all for free. Stay tuned as we roll our Woodturning 101 Workshop project demonstration videos during the coming weeks. It’s the next best thing to being here at Craft Supplies USA.

3 thoughts on “Woodturning 101 – Introduction”

  1. Kirk, I’ve watched all of these and the new 201 bowl.
    I think you do a great job as an instructor! Fantastic talent!
    Keep ‘’em coming….



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