How to Turn a Sphere


Turning a sphere is a great project to use up some of the highly-figured wood in your shop. It’s also the perfect way to learn, or hone, your woodturning technique. There are many methods of turning a sphere, in this one we’ll show you how to do it with tools you likely already own.

Supplies Used


  1. What a great watch for these stay at home days! I have this beautiful hunk of spalted Maple that’s just too good for pens or a candle holder!

  2. Thank you for this !! I have a hell of a time doing these for Christmas ornaments, they never come out round. I’ve tried an EXPENSIVE jig but it seems to eat up too much material and the balls always come out too small. I never figured that part out (!) Practice makes perfect ?

  3. Love the video. As a beginner your instructions were to the point and made sense. Easy to watch and great view of your process.


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