Turning a Ring with Glow Inlay Powder

Glow powder inlay adds a unique look to your projects on its own, but the fact that it glows in the dark for up to ten hours is really cool!

We offer it in both green and blue, and it’s easy to add into your projects with just a little instruction. Let’s go to the lathe and add in some glowing inlay.

Turn the Project

You’ll want to start by turning the ring down just a hair larger than its final size.

Turning ring to size with a carbide insert tool.
Turn the ring down until it is close to final size

Inlay the Glow Powder

Take a narrow parting tool and cut a groove into the body all the way to the rings core, (or the brass tube if it’s a traditional project.)

Cutting a groove with a narrow parting tool.
Use a narrow parting tool to turn a groove
Showing the groove cut all the way to the ring surface.
Turn the groove all the way to the surface of the ring core

Working on one section at a time, pour a little glow powder into the groove until it’s filled.
Carefully pour just a couple drops of thin CA glue into the filled section, then repeat the process until the entire groove is filled with inlay and glue.

Pouring glow powder into a groove.
Pour some inlay into the groove
Dripping CA glue on the glow powder in the groove.
Add a few drops of thin CA glue
Pouring another layer of glow powder into the groove.
Work one section at a time, all the way around the ring

Now lightly spray on some activator to set the glue. It only takes a few seconds before it’s ready to turn.

Spraying the ring with CA activator.
Spray with activator

Finish Turning

Before turning, I want to emphasize that glow inlay is a very hard stone compound, so traditional high speed steel won’t cut it. You’ll need to use carbide turning tools to cut the stone. I prefer to use a radiused square cutter to give me the cleanest finish.
Turn the ring down to its final shape, then sand through 320 grit.

Turning the ring with a carbide insert tool.
Finish turning the ring with a carbide insert tool
Sanding the ring blank.
Sand through at least 320 grit

Apply a finish to the ring. I like to use a CA finish on rings, because it’s durable and gives it a high-gloss.

Applying CA finish with a paper towel.
Apply a finish, like a CA finish

The glow inlay is all finished on the ring. Just give it some sunlight, then hit the lights and watch it glow!

Displaying the finished ring and showing it glowing in the dark.

Supplies Used

Glow Inlay Powder
Comfort Fit Ring
Ring Turning Chuck
Easy Pen Turner
Narrow Parting Tool
Thin CA Glue
Aerosol Activator

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