Repairing Sanding Disc Holders

For those of us who power sand it is inevitable that we’ll throw a disc when sanding and run the holder into the work, ruining the hook. Or simply wear them out through repeatedly changing discs.

Watch this video to see how you can easily replace the worn out hook-and-loop on your holders.

5 thoughts on “Repairing Sanding Disc Holders”

  1. I have a 5″ random orbital disc sander and it does not hold the disc completely. Just watched your video on repairing the disc sander that is used in an electric drill. Can I do the same repair on orbital sander?

    • In our experience, this method does not work with orbital sanders – they just move around too much. You are better off replacing the pad. Of course, if you are going to replace it anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try it on the old one just to see – you may have more luck than we have!


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