Turning a Calabash Bowl

A Calabash bowl features a round bottom and is typically turned from green wood so that it warps slightly, imitating traditional bowls made from gourds in the pacific islands.

The piece shown in this Inspiration Series video was made of Sycamore.

9 thoughts on “Turning a Calabash Bowl”

  1. nicely made video guys, thanks for taking the time to share just how enjoyable turning can be,
    with a sharp gouge, proper technique, and a nicely grained blank, wood turning truly is a graceful craft.

  2. Makes it look so easy but i supppose with green wood it is, great video work and should get the creative juices moving with most aspiring turners. Keep up the good work we appreciate it.

  3. Great video. All was wonderful except at 2:10 the turning stops and by 2:14 the sanding begins with no detail as to how the rim bead was accomplished. I watched the video specifically to see that process. Hmmm…….it must have been magic. 🙂

    thanks for the inspiration………good stuff

  4. I agree with the previous comments. I thought the video was well done. The camera man did a great job capturing how the tool is presented to the bowl. The presenter did such a good job that I thought it was Mike Mahoney. In retrospect I should have realized it wasn’t MIke Mahoney when the presenter finished the bowl using a push cut and added a bead to the rim.

    I would like to see more vidoes like this added to your site.

  5. Inspirational video. Oh that I could be that relaxed when turning, let alone with a blank that size. I shall keep watching and trying and get there one day.

  6. What a cool video. I hope to see many more in the future as they really do get you excited to get out into the shop and turn something.

    Well done!!!

  7. Enjoyed the video but think novices and beginners would benefit from some narrative on how to chuck the piece and what tools were used–especially reverse chucking to finish the bottom. It wasn’t apparent on how that was done.

    Nice job otherwise. Keep ’em coming!


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