Modern Masters Metal Effects

Create turnings with an ancient appearance, or combine the natural beauty of wood with the look and feel of a metallic surface to create a stunning piece that leaves others wondering how you made it. In this article we will be using Bronze Metallic Paint with Green Patina Aging Solution. The technique for other paints and aging solutions is identical.

A wood bowl with bronze paint and green patina.

Step 1 – Primer

Metal Effects Primer is a unique water-based acrylic primer. Unlike other primers, it is specially formulated to block Metal Effects Patina Aging Solutions and Activators from reaching the metal, wood, or reactive substrate. This helps prevent the formation of rust or other oxidation from forming under the paint film. Metal Effects Primer also blocks alkali salts, tanning, acid salts, and other unwanted contaminates from bleeding through to the Metal Effects Paint film and causing adverse reactions and unwanted color changes in the oxidized finish.

  1. Make sure the work surface to be primed has been sanded to 320 grit, is completely dry, and does not have any surface contaminants such as oil, wax, or dust.
  2. Thoroughly mix primer before applying.
  3. Metal Effects Primer can be applied using a brush, roller, sponge, or spray gun. We recommend using a sponge to prevent leaving brush strokes in the dried surface.
  4. Once the first coat has dried for at least 1/2 hour, apply the second coat of primer. Let the primer cure for at least 12 hours before applying Metal Effects Reactive Metal Paints.
Applying primer with a sponge.
Apply with a brush, roller, sponge, or spray gun
The primed bowl set aside to dry.
Allow primer to dry at least 12 hours

Step 2 – Paint

Modern Masters metallic paints are water base paints that contain real metal particles. They will tarnish naturally over time and when exposed to the elements. Patina Aging Solutions and Rust Activator will speed up the oxidation process to create beautiful, authentic Patina or Rusted Iron finishes on any paintable surface.

  1. Thoroughly mix the paint by shaking the jar or using a stir stick.
  2. Modern Masters paint can be applied using a brush, roller, sponge, or spray gun. We recommend using a sponge to prevent having brush strokes in the dried surface.
  3. Apply a coat of metallic paint and allow to fully dry. Lightly sand and apply the second coat. Proceed to step 3 and apply the again solution while the paint is still wet.
Showing a container of bronze paint.
Mix the paint thoroughly
Applying bronze paint with a sponge.
Apply the paint with a sponge or brush
Adding bronze paint with a sponge.
Proceed to Step 3 while paint is still wet

Step 3 – Aging Solution

These water base acidic solutions are applied over the Reactive Metallic Paints. They will react with the real metal particles in the paints, speeding up the oxidation process. The Green and Blue Patina Aging Solutions can be applied to Copper or Bronze Metallic Paints to create a beautiful, authentic Green or Blue Patina. The Rust Activator is applied to the Iron Paint resulting in a real, weathered rust finish.

  1. While the paint is still wet, apply the Patina Aging Solution by lightly misting the painted surface. After 5 minutes, reapply a light mist of Patina Solution. The patinated surface will start to oxidize 30-40 minutes after applying. Cold and humid conditions will slow the oxidation time.

Take care to select the correct aging solution with the paint you’ve used, following the chart provided.

A chart showing the paints and aging solutions that are compatible.
Paint & Aging Solution Compatibility Chart
Applying aging solution with a spritz bottle.
Apply the aging solution while paint is wet

Note: Modern Masters coatings should not be used on turnings that will be handled frequently or that come in contact with food or other metallic items such as rings, etc. Use only on decorative turnings.

The finished bronze painted bowl with green patina.
Finished piece

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  1. I have used this product and it is awesome. I get great comments on every peace i use it on. I am a wood turner so it goes on bowls and vases. It is so easy to use is what makes it so cool. I have a six year old son and he loves helping apply the primer and metallic pant.


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