The Skew Chisel with Allan Batty

In this video, Allan Batty takes you through the make up of the skew chisel and the six basic cuts everyone should know. He shows the proper methods of using the skew, along with “tricks of the trade”, so that you can produce superb results without the “dig-ins” that are so common with the skew. Allan continues from there to instruct on the proper use of the beading and parting tools along with spindle and roughing gouges. The videography is top notch, showing every detail of the cut as it is made. The question and answer format of tape is easy and enjoyable to watch while addressing the problems associated with the tools demonstrated in the video. Allan’s 30 years as a professional woodturner and “perfectionist” approach to all he does has resulted in one of the finest quality, most informative videos available today.

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