Tool Sharpening Basics

At Craft Supplies USA, we believe that properly ground sharp tools are fundamental to successful and enjoyable woodturning. Getting consistent, repeatable results when you...

Power Sanding

Power sanding is a fast and easy way to prepare your woodturnings for a final finish. Power sanding cuts down on time spent sanding...

Turning Acrylics

Learn how to achieve a glass-like finish on acrylic pens and projects. See our full line of acrylic pen blanks

Applying Sanding Sealer

In this tutorial, learn how to apply sanding sealer to your turned projects. We recommend applying a sanding sealer to most woodturnings prior to finishing....

How to Apply a Waterlox Finish

In this woodturning tutorial, learn how to apply a waterlox finish on your woodturning projects. Waterlox is a durable tung oil based finish for...

How to Maintain Your Lathe

In this woodturning tutorial, let us show you how to maintain your wood lathe. If you follow these simple, yet important steps, turning will...

Applying Food Safe Finishes

In this video, learn how to apply a food safe finish on your woodturning projects. We show how to apply and maintain several types...

The Skew Chisel with Allan Batty

In this video, Allan Batty takes you through the make up of the skew chisel and the six basic cuts everyone should know. He...

Hand Thread Chasing with Allan Batty

Thread chasing made simple in this how-to style video, using four cameras for visual understanding. Allan Batty's "Hand Thread Chasing" has brilliant images of...

Dale Nish Finishing Process

The Deft and Oil finishing process was taught by Dale L. Nish in our Woodturning Workshop program for over 25 years and is still...

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