Tried and True Finishes

Here at Craft Supplies USA, we are able to try most finishes out there. Tried and True finishes are a favorite and we’re sure...

Applying a Food-Safe Wood Finish with Mahoney’s Walnut Oil and Wax

For years now, Mahoney’s Utility Finish has been our go-to finish for salad bowls and wooden utensils. It’s made by professional woodturner Mike Mahoney. Mike...

Tree Saver Green Wood Sealer

For most woodturners, getting our hands on a freshly cut tree is like Christmas morning.  But… if those fresh cut logs are left unsealed,...

Woodturning Smocks

Mike shows off the features we've included in our smocks after years of testing, and why he never turns without one. Shop smocks

Comparing Drill Chucks

What is a drill chuck? How is it used? What are the different types and which one is best for you? Find out as we take...

Laguna Revo 24|36 Lathe

Building on the popular design of the Revo 18|36, Laguna has scaled up the capacity and added a few new features to create the...

Old-Fashioned Milk Paint

Old-Fashioned Milk Paint uses an authentic formula to produce the same look and feel as found on colonial era furniture. Watch the video to see...

The AXE Carbide Turning Tools by Carter Products

The AXE™ tools by Carter Products are the next generation in replaceable carbide cutter turning tools. Distinctly new features at an incredible value. Shop Axe Tools

KJR Power Sanding System

KJR power sanding accessories make sanding easier and more affordable than ever. Available in 2" and 3" sizes, these deluxe sanding kits include everything...

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JDG 2-piece ring cores
JDG 2-piece ring cores
JDG 2-piece ring cores