Applying a CA Pen Finish

There are a lot of options when it comes to finishing pens, but my favorite, hands down, is the CA pen finish. Nothing shows...

Applying a Food-Safe Wood Finish with Mahoney’s Walnut Oil and Wax

For years now, Mahoney’s Utility Finish has been our go-to finish for salad bowls and wooden utensils. It’s made by professional woodturner Mike Mahoney. Mike...

Dale Nish Finishing Process

The Deft and Oil finishing process was taught by Dale L. Nish in our Woodturning Workshop program for over 25 years and is still...

Modern Masters Metal Effects

Create turnings with an ancient appearance, or combine the natural beauty of wood with the look and feel of a metallic surface to create...

Coloring Wood by Jimmy Clewes

Using dye to color woodturnings is a fun and exciting way to make any piece of wood look spectacular.  In this article, professional woodturner...

Shear Scraping with the Crown Negative Rake Shear Scraper

As a woodturner, the last thing you want to see when your lathe comes to a stop is an area with torn grain.  It’s...

Polishing Using Micro Magic

With our new Micro Magic Polishing System, you can achieve a perfect finish in three easy steps.  Let’s Get Started! Preparation Sand your blank through 400...

Turning and Finishing Acrylics

Plastic pen blanks have become extremely popular with pen turners.  The wide variety of colors and patterns and the ability to produce a high-gloss,...

Storing and Turning Unseasoned Wood

Improper storage of wood blanks can cost you hundreds of dollars.  Learn how to properly store and turn unseasoned wood with this woodturning article...

Using Inlace Material

Inlace is an easy to use inlay material for woodturning that will add stunning effects on your woodturning projects by filling natural holes and cracks...

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JDG 2-piece ring cores
JDG 2-piece ring cores