5-day Woodturning 101 with Scott Cherry – March 2017


We recently completed our Woodturning 101 beginner class with Scott Cherry instructing.  Many of the students had done little or no woodturning prior to the class and found the 5 days to be enjoyable while challenging and very informative.

A retired Woodshop Teacher, Scott does a superb job of sharing information in a clear and concise way with students that makes learning easy and fun.  As one student put it, “Scott Cherry couldn’t have done a better job.  He is an excellent instructor.  While unable to teach us all there is to know in a 40-hour class, the time was well used and productive…. I’m thrilled to have had the experience of coming to the class and look forward to attending more in the future”.

Thanks to Scott Cherry along with Kirk DeHeer for assisting in the class.

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