3-day From Tree to Table Workshop with Kirk DeHeer – July 2016


This past week we had a From Tree to Table workshop with Kirk DeHeer as Instructor.  Students had a great time learning what it takes to convert wood from a fallen tree into a turning blank and onto a beautiful bowl that can be enjoyed everyday.

Along with focusing on the aspect of green woodturning and how to create functional woodenware, proper tool technique and sharpening fundamentals were constantly emphasized.  Kirk was thoroughly impressed with how much every student’s skills improved in 3 short days.  Thank you to our students for their support!

Here are a few photos of the class.

kirk-tree-to-table-august-2016 3
Turning bowls
Roughing turning bowl blanks
Roughing turning bowl blanks
Sanding the raised feet
Sanding the raised feet
Finished box. Excellent work!
Finished tornado shaker. Excellent work!
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