5-day Signature Workshop with Nick Agar – July 2016


Last week’s class with Nick Agar was exceptional in every way.  Every student produced beautiful work and greatly expanded their woodturning skills.  “Thinking outside the box” was stressed by Nick throughout the week.  One student commented that there was so much information to digest that it was like “drinking from a fire hose”.

All of our students did a fantastic job of stepping outside their comfort zone and creating stunning work.  Thanks to Kirk DeHeer who did an exceptional job in assisting and to Nick for a great class!nick_agar_july_2016-1 nick_agar_july_2016-2 nick_agar_july_2016-3 nick_agar_july_2016-4

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  1. Hi, Kirk,

    We enjoyed seeing you in the photos (looking good!!) and reading about the classes this summer. Wish we could have been there, too. We were in Germany doing a family history trip, and enjoying seeing many beautiful examples of what people have made from wood over the centuries. Bob took some beautiful items he had turned as gifts for his relatives , who loved them.

    Bob is back teaching at USC this semester–only half-retired. Next semester he has off.

    We miss seeing you at the woodworker’s shows, and hope all goes well with you and your family.

    Best regards to everyone at Craft Supplies, and especially to you, Kirk,

    Lolly and Bob Scholtz


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