Tree Saver Green Wood Sealer

For most woodturners, getting our hands on a freshly cut tree is like Christmas morning.  But… if those fresh cut logs are left unsealed,...

Turning a Top Hat Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornaments are fun, easy to turn projects with endless creative possibilities. You can really get your creative juices flowing experimenting with color, shape,...

Turning Artisan Tableware

Our line of Artisan Stainless Steel Tableware is the finest we have ever offered.  It consists of a full range of serving and eating...

Turning an Artisan Comfort Ring

Almost everyone owns a ring, but seeing one made from wood is rarity that gets a lot of attention. These ring cores are made...

Turning a Kitchenware Project Handle

These projects are a lot of fun to turn and make practical gifts that almost everyone will use. And the great thing about turning...

Sharpening Carbide Cutters

Did you know that you can sharpen the carbide cutter on your Easy Wood Tool or similar carbide insert tool? It turns out that...

Turning a Spinning Top with Glenn Lucas

In this beautifully filmed short video Glenn Lucas turns a spinning top. Click here to see Glenn's line of turning tools

Woodturning Smocks

Mike shows off the features we've included in our smocks after years of testing, and why he never turns without one. Shop smocks

Sharpening Barrel Trimmers

Tired of fighting a dull barrel trimmer head? Sharpening your trimmer is quick and easy -we'll show you how. A sharp barrel trimmer is the best...

Comparing Drill Chucks

What is a drill chuck? How is it used? What are the different types and which one is best for you? Find out as we take...

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