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Turning a Closed-End Jr. Gentlemen’s Fountain Pen

  Pen turners often experiment with new designs and techniques to help make their pens stand out from all the others.  Complicated designs and techniques can take years to master and can discourage beginning pen turners. One way to give a pen a custom look with a minimal amount of extra effort is to use … Continue Reading

Super Wednesday

Super Wednesday

Super Wednesday at Craft Supplies USA – May 14th, 2014 Arrive a day early to kickoff your Utah Woodturning Symposium weekend by joining us for Super Wednesday at Craft Supplies USA on May 14th, 2014. Super Wednesday is the perfect opportunity catch up with old friends, enjoy woodturning camaraderie, and choose from more than 20 … Continue Reading


Wood Stabilizing

As woodturners, we tend to hold on to every last scrap of wood in the shop.  Often times, we find a beautiful piece of wood that is just too soft or punky to turn.  These are the pieces we reluctantly throw away since they can’t be used.  Or can they?  We’ve all seen commercially stabilized … Continue Reading

Micro Magic Polishing Wax

Polishing Using Micro Magic

With our new Micro Magic™ Polishing System, you can achieve a perfect finish in three easy steps.  Let’s Get Started! Preparation Sand your blank through 400 grit or higher.  Be careful when sanding, as too much friction can cause heat buildup that can damage or even ruin the blank.  Use a clean paper towel to … Continue Reading


What is Oil?

In this article you’ll learn about the many types of “Oil” finishes and what makes them different.   Excerpt from an article by Bob Flexner Finishing is a mystery to most woodworkers, but it’s not because finishes are difficult to apply. All that’s involved in applying a finish is transferring a liquid to wood using … Continue Reading


Turning an Egg

Turn some eggs for easter or just for fun. Turning eggs is also an enjoyable and simple way to hone your woodturning skills.   Preparing the Blank Let’s start by selecting a blank 2”x3”.  If you plan on coloring the egg, select a blank that is light in color such as Holly, Silver Maple, or … Continue Reading


Turning a Cork Trivet

Protect your dining table and countertops against hot pots and pans with a beautiful, hand-turned trivet.  Made from genuine cork, this simple woodturning project is fun to turn and guaranteed to add beauty to your table. Preparing the Blank Select a 10″ diameter blank approximately 1 1/2″ thick.   We recommend using a low figured … Continue Reading


Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel

Learn what sets the Raptor® CBN wheel apart from standard grinding wheels currently on the market today. adobe acrobat download About the Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel… CBN is superior to all other materials for grinding hardened steel such as that used in most of today’s modern turning tools.   Unlike traditional aluminum oxide grinding wheels, … Continue Reading


Turning a Snowman Box

Turn a festive Snowman Box that is sure to be this year’s favorite decoration.  This woodturning project requires only a few tools and a little creativity. • Snowman Dimensions Diagram BLANK PREPARATION Select a blank that is  3″ x 3″ x 4-1/2″. Use a center finder and mark the center on each end of the blank.  Mount … Continue Reading


Turning a Light Bulb Ornament

This Christmas Light Bulb Ornament is a quick and easy project that you can make with figured scrap pieces of wood lying around your shop. It makes a great gift to family and friends during the holidays. PREPARING THE BLANK Select a blank 1-3/4″ x 1-3/4″ x 3-1/2″. Use a center finder to mark the … Continue Reading

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