Woodturning How-to Center

Woodturning How-to Center

Modern Masters Metal Effects

Modern Masters Metal Effects

Create turnings with an ancient appearance, or combine the natural beauty of wood with the look and feel of a metallic surface to create a stunning piece that leaves others wondering how you made it.   In this article we will be using Bronze Metallic Paint with Green Patina Aging Solution. The technique for other … Continue Reading


Turning a Confetti Light Snowman

Turn a festive Snowman Confetti Light that is sure to be this year’s favorite decoration.  This woodturning project requires only a few tools and a little creativity.   Helpful Diagram First of all, be sure to print the diagram below before you start turning this project.  This diagram will help you get the critical dimensions … Continue Reading


Turning a Duck Call Peppermill

Duck calls and pepper mills are two of the most popular woodturning projects today.  So naturally, we thought combining them both into a single project would make a great project that’s unique, challenging and fun to use too. There are a couple of challenges inherent to turning a duck call pepper mill.  Making a pepper … Continue Reading


Turning Halloween Bottle Stoppers

Halloween is a fun and enjoyable time of year.  Most people dress up on Halloween , so we thought why not dress up a project kit for Halloween too.  In this article we are going to be making a couple different Halloween themed bottle stoppers. The first project is a witch’s hat and the second project … Continue Reading


Coloring Wood by Jimmy Clewes

Using dye to color woodturnings is a fun and exciting way to make any piece of wood look spectacular.  In this article, professional woodturner Jimmy Clewes shows you how to use a multi-layer coloring technique to create a stunning effect on your woodturnings. Coloring Preparation After turning your piece, the coloring process can be started. … Continue Reading


Shear Scraping with the Crown Negative Rake Shear Scraper

As a woodturner, the last thing you want to see when your lathe comes to a stop is an area with torn grain.  It’s a common problem that we often times experience when turning highly figured, open grain or soft-textured woods.  There is an old saying: “My favorite gouge is 80 grit sandpaper”.  There is … Continue Reading


Turning a Trivet

Woodturned projects are always a welcome addition to my kitchen, and a cork trivet is no exception. A turned cork trivet protects dining tables and counter tops from hot pans and kitchenware. Combine a cork trivet with a nice wooden salad bowl and turned pepper/salt mills at your next dinner party to show off your … Continue Reading


Turning a Garden Dibber

Whenever I turn, I tend to stick to functional projects that have a use like a salad bowl that will be used daily in my kitchen, or a small bat to hit balls for my dogs to fetch.  A garden dibber is no exception. With 3 garden boxes and a lot of planters, I use mine … Continue Reading


Turning a Closed-End Jr. Gentlemen’s Fountain Pen

  Pen turners often experiment with new designs and techniques to help make their pens stand out from all the others.  Complicated designs and techniques can take years to master and can discourage beginning pen turners. One way to give a pen a custom look with a minimal amount of extra effort is to use … Continue Reading


Wood Stabilizing

As woodturners, we tend to hold on to every last scrap of wood in the shop.  Often times, we find a beautiful piece of wood that is just too soft or punky to turn.  These are the pieces we reluctantly throw away since they can’t be used.  Or can they?  We’ve all seen commercially stabilized … Continue Reading

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