Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel


Learn what sets the Raptor® CBN wheel apart from standard grinding wheels currently on the market today.

About the Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel…

CBN is superior to all other materials for grinding hardened steel such as that used in most of today’s modern turning tools.   Unlike traditional aluminum oxide grinding wheels, the Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel cuts fast, stays cool and never needs dressing or shaping.  With only a very light amount of pressure when sharpening and proper care, you can sharpen your tools to a razor sharp edge and never need to buy another sharpening wheel again.

Why is CBN superior to diamond for sharpening turning tools using a bench grinder?

Diamond is chemically pure carbon. When used as a grinding grit, it works extremely well with tungsten carbide or glass. With hardened steel on a grinder, this is a different matter altogether.  When used on a bench grinder at common speed, the diamond (carbon) reacts to ingredients in the tool steel, which causes the diamond to break down which in turn ruins the wheel.

What is CBN?

CBN is an acronym for Cubic Boron Nitride, which was originally developed by General Electric Company.  CBN is more costly than industrial diamond, is nearly as hard as diamond and is 4 times harder than aluminum oxide thus revolutionizing the grinding of hardened steel.

How is the Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel made?

Made in Austria, the Raptor® CBN wheel consists of a precision machined, solid steel body coated with an electro-plated layer of CBN abrasive grain. The CBN grain is only a few thousandths in diameter and will last a lifetime with proper care.

What makes the Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheel different from other CBN wheels?

Most CBN wheels available today are made in China.  These wheels frequently lack consistency in quality, performance and longevity.  The Raptor® CBN wheel is manufactured in Austria to strict standards from start to finish guaranteeing you a superior wheel for your money.  With proper use and care, you can count on the Raptor® CBN wheel to provide a lifetime of dependable service.

Why is CBN superior to Diamond for sharpening turning tools?

Diamond is a pure carbon that works very well with carbide and glass.  With hardened tool steel, it’s different matter.  Diamond reacts chemically with hardened tool steel during high speed grinding.  This chemical reaction causes the diamond particles to become dull and unable to cut efficiently.  CBN particles stays sharp, won’t break down when sharpening, and let you utilize traditional grinding equipment for sharpening your turning tools.

How is sharpening on the OptiGrind® CBN Wheel Different From Using a Traditional Grinding Wheel?

  • Use Only Light Pressure- When sharpening with the CBN wheel, use only very light pressure as this wheel cuts very fast.  Too much pressure against the wheel will generate excessive heat that will damage the wheel.  
  • Operate at a Lower Speed- To improve control while sharpening, operate your grinder at a slower speed.  1,100 to 2,200 rpm is recommended.
  • For Hardened Tool Steel Only- CBN wheels should only be used on hardened tool steel and tungsten carbide.  Never grind carbon steel, aluminum or other soft metals as it will cause permanent damage to the Raptor® CBN wheel.
  • Make Your Wheel Last A Lifetime- Be careful not to strike the wheel with a tool or object as the impact could break CBN particles free, causing permanent damage to the wheel surface.


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